jeudi 30 juin 2016

An Unseen World: Explorers Capture Rare and Endangered Amazonian Wildlife On Camera Traps

Explorer Paul Rosolie and his team uncovered a trove of endangered and rare Amazonian wildlife in the forests of Madre de Dios along the lower Las Piedras river. This region is being maimed illegally and uncontrollably by loggers, gold miners, hunters, and drug-dealers, owing to the recently constructed Trans-Amazon highway. In an effort to conserve the Las Piedras watershed, Rosolie’s team set out to showcase the incredible animal diversity there.

“In the last month there was one jaguar shot and another hit by a car, plus a guy on my team saw loggers kill a macaw—it’s bad. People don’t realize how delicate wildlife is. For the wildlife on the Las Piedras, the subject of the videos, the situation is urgent.” Rosolie explains.

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