dimanche 18 septembre 2016

Lina Medina – A Peruvian Woman Who Gave Birth To A Boy At The Age Of 5!

Lina Medina was born on September 27,1933 in Ticrapo, Peru.
Apart from the fact that Lina Medina had her first periods at the age of two and half years, she was normal in every other way. But at the age of five, her parents noticed her stomach increasing. They took her to local Shaman but no cure was found.

There were no modern facilities to determine the cause of the growth. Her parents believed that the increasing size of Lina Medina’s stomach was due to a tumor and hoped it would heal itself. But when her tummy continued to grow, the concerned parents took her to a hospital in Pisco, Peru. The doctors discovered that she was in the seventh month of her pregnancy.
Dr. Gerardo Lozada discovered that Lina Medina had fully developed (mature) mammary glands and reproductive parts. On investigation, it came to light that Medina had started her menarche at the age of two and half years. However, a detailed examination showed that Lina was menstruating since she was 8-month-old!
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