They Think It’s Cute When Lion Approaches Their Baby, But That Doesn’t Last Long

Written by Kevin Revie (

A family took their 10-month-old daughter to the zoo to give her her first glimpse at the world’s exotic wildlife. However, while visiting the lion enclosure, it was the baby who ended up being the one observed. 

This baby’s first time interacting with animals quickly took a turn for the scary as a male lion pounced at the glass enclosure once her parents put her down. Looking like he’s sizing the infant up for his next meal, the lion paws at the glass and tentatively watches her.

While the baby is completely oblivious to the intimidatingly large lion stalking her every move, the glass panes are all that’s holding him back. However, the Internet is torn on what this lion’s true intentions are. Although the baby’s mother clearly thinks that this lion is looking to eat her child, some people insist that the lion was trying to play with the baby. While it’s possible, it’s definitely not worth the risk to find out.

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